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Workpods & Booths

Acoustic Workpods and Booths are a stylish and practical way of creating privacy within open plan environments.

Whether you’re taking a phone call, having your lunch or need space for a quick meeting, Workpods and Booths are an ideal solution – enhancing both agile and collaborative working.

Soft seating and optional wall padding can be specified in a wide range of stylish, market-leading fabrics from Camira™, with other fabrics available on request.

The laminate surfaces and tables can be specified in any RAL colour or textured finish from leading suppliers such as Egger™ and Kronospan™. In addition, metal components can be painted to any RAL colour, allowing for unlimited design options.

Optional extras include a wide variety of power and data modules, lighting options, glass fronts, whiteboards, chalk boards and TV / monitor integration.


Fabric Specification

We provide the furniture upholstered in a variety of fabrics. The most commonly used rages are;

Other fabric options available on request – please contact us for more details.

Worktops & Laminates

As with our choice of fabrics, the finishes for hard surfaces come in a variety of ranges and colours, however we recommend the following suppliers;

Metal Legs & Bases

The metal furniture components come in different finishes such as;

  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome
  • Painted to any RAL colour

Please contact us for details on specialist metal components.


We offer a 5 year warranty for normal fair wear and tear. This includes the structure and foam / padding materials.

Fabrics are covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranty – usually 5 years, however please contact us or the fabric supplier for clarification on specific fabrics.

Expected lifecycle of product is 15 years.

General Maintenance

Vacuum regularly to remove dust and grit.

Clean spills and stains quickly to prevent them from setting in. If being used in a spill/stain-prone area specify a stain repellent finish.

For appearance retention we recommend regular professional cleaning to give your furniture a longer life.

Natural Fabrics

In addition to regular vacuuming, wool and other natural fibres can usually be cleaned using branded upholstery shampoo. For a deeper clean, it’s best that wool be dry cleaned, as over wetting cause shrinkage and change in appearance.

Never apply bleach, ammonia, alkali or strong acids to wool upholstery.

Synthetic Fabrics

Vacuuming regularly is advised. Speed of action to remove spills and stains rapidly as soon as they occur is vital.

Most synthetic fabrics can be wiped down with a water soaked damp cloth without fear of damaging the fibre or removing the colour. Stubborn stains can be removed with upholstery shampoo.


Leather should be regularly dusted with a soft cloth and vacuumed with soft brush extension. Most types of Anilines can also be treated with specialist products to help preserve, colour, finish etc.

As leather is natural material, surface texture discrepancies and ‘puddling’ in seat areas is to be expected.

01. Flat Roof / Two Person

02. Flat Roof / Four Person

03. Flat Roof / Two Person / No Back Wall

04. Flat Roof / Four Person / No Back Wall

05. Pitched Roof / Two Person

06. Pitched Roof / Four Person

07. Pitched Roof / Two Person / No Back Wall

08. Pitched Roof / Four Person / No Back Wall

09. Open Top / Two Person

10. Open Top / Six Person

11. Flat Roof / One Person