Acoustic Polyester Panels

Available in a range of 15 colours, our polyester acoustic panels offer truly unlimited acoustic design options.

The lightweight, semi-rigid panels are made from compressed polyester and can be cut into any desired shape for a wide range of applications including wall and ceiling coverings, ceiling rafts and baffles, wall panels, screen dividers and even freestanding structures.

Panels come in a size of 1,200mm x 2,400mm and are available in a thickness of either 12mm or 24mm.

By reducing reverberation and echo within a space, Polyester Acoustic Panels sound as good as they look. Our expert Design and Installation Teams are able to assist in bringing your design to reality.

If panels are being used for anything other than a standard wall covering, we advise you seek the help of our expert Installation Team.

Avoid specifying panels close to devices that emit high local heat temperature such as air conditioners, radiators or heaters. Seek advice if panels are to be integrated with lighting.

Panels should be stored flat, in a dry place out of direct sunlight and bending should be avoided when transporting panels.

Standard contact adhesive can be used to install our Polyester Acoustic Panels and can be supplied on request. Where required, metal clips for wall panels and hanging clips for suspended panels will be provided in the correct number.

Panels do not contain formaldehyde binders or any other harsh chemicals, allowing for safe indoor air quality.

Panels can be cut with a sharp Stanley knife if necessary, however in nearly all cases we advise against this as we cannot accept liability for damaged panels once they have been cut.

With regards to cleaning, panels can be hovered in addition to using standard carpet or upholstery shampoo. Heavy spills should be absorbed using a towel or cloth, however avoid harsh rubbing and excessive water as this could cause damage to the finish.

As panels are non-woven, there is no specific pattern repeat, however there is directional grain. For this reason, we ensure all panels provided are from the same batch.

12mm Thick Panel Details:

  • Panel Dimensions: 1,220mm x 2,440mm
  • Panel Weight: 2,350gsm
  • Panel Tolerance: +5mm
  • Material: 100% polyester fibre
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient: 0.45*
  • Sound Absorbency Classification: D*
  • Thermal Performance: 14-16°C

24mm Thick Panel Details:

  • Panel Dimensions: 1,220mm x 2,440mm
  • Panel Weight: 4,650gsm
  • Panel Tolerance: +10mm
  • Material: 100% polyester fibre
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient: 0.65*
  • Sound Absorbency Classification: C*
  • Thermal Performance: 14-16°C

*Note that higher acoustic ratings can be achieved when installed with a 25mm (or larger) air gap. The improved acoustic performance would result in the Sound Absorbency Classification increasing from a D to a C for 12mm, and C to B for 24mm.

For further technical information, please contact us.

Our Acoustic Polyester Panels can be employed for a variety of applications, allowing for total freedom when it comes to acoustic design.

The lightweight yet semi-rigid panels can be cut into any shape, and combining various colours and shapes, the design possibilities are endless.

For bespoke or complex projects, our Design Team can work with you to bring your vision to reality. Below are some of the standard applications we often see specified when utitlising Polyester Acoustic Panels.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Specify panels which can be applied to walls and ceilings using our metal clip system or adhesive. Available in just about any shape imaginable thanks to our water-jet cutting process, allowing for unlimited design possibilities.

Screens & Baffles

Suspended screens and ceiling baffles can be specified in a variety of shapes and sizes, with hanging kits provided.

Ceiling Baffles can also be specified in various combinations to create lattice-style configurations on both a large and small scale.

Ceiling Rafts

Suspended rafts offer excellent acoustic attenuation by trapping sound in the void between the panel and ceiling. Rafts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be neatly integrated with lighting if required. As with our Screens and Baffles, hanging kits are provided.

Our Acoustic Polyester comes in a range of 15 colours – shown below. Other colours are available on request.


Baby Blue







Dark Grey


Silver Grey

Light Grey




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