Acoustic Wall Panels

A painted or preferably fabric faced panel system is ideal for areas where there is an echo and reverberation problem.

In addition to an unlimited library of shapes and sizes, a vast range of fabric colours from the Camira Blazer©, Blazer Lite©, Cara©, Lucia,© Rivet© and Synergy© ranges means endless visual design possibilities when it comes to Acoustic Wall Panels.

Manufactured from high density fiber glass with a fabric wrap finish, our frameless Acoustic Wall Panels offer great sound absorption characteristics.

Panels require little maintenance and can be cleaned using a hoover to remove any dirt, or can standard carpet or fabric cleaners. We recommend any cleaning products are tested on a small area in the first instance.

The acoustic core is made up from over 95% recycled materials.


Panels can be specified in any size up to 1,200mm high by 2,700mm wide, and can be specified in almost any flat shape. They are available in a thickness of either 40mm (‘Class A’) and 25mm (‘Class C’).

Almost any shape can be specified thanks to our water jet cutting process. Panel weight for 25mm thick panels is approx. 3.5kg / mapprox. 4.5kg / m2.​

With regards to cleaning, panels can be hovered in addition to using standard carpet or upholstery shampoo. Heavy spills should be absorbed using a towel or cloth, however avoid harsh rubbing and excessive water as this could cause damage to the finish.

Our Acoustic Wall panels have been tested and offer ‘Class O’ fire rating (according to BS476: Part 6). Fire ratings for facing fabric depends on the fabric specified. Avoid specifying panels close to devices that emit high local heat temperature such as air conditioners, radiators etc.

For further technical information, please contact us.

Better acoustics improve concentration and productivity by helping to reduce noise distraction within a space. This results in improved productivity, collaboration and communication.

Acoustic Wall Panels work by absorbing sound waves that hit them, reducing the reverberation and echo within the space.

Every space is different, and using our experience we are able to advise on the amount and type of treatment required to enhance the acoustics of any interior.

Our acoustic tests shown below were both carried out when panels are directly fixed to a surface – higher sound absorption can be achieved when installed with a cavity.

  • Noise Reduction Coefficient: 0.80 (25mm) / 0.94 (40mm)
  • Sound Absorbency Classification: C (25mm) / A (40mm)

Acoustic Wall Panel installation is fast and simple using only spray adhesive, metal grips and screws – all of which are provided on delivery in correct quantity.

We recommend a team of two people for installation of panels over 500mm in either width or height. Panels should be checked thoroughly for quality prior to install.

For larger and more complex installations, our team of experts are here to help having successfully delivered acoustic comfort on projects all over the UK and beyond. Contact us for more information.

Our Acoustic Wall Panels can be painted to any RAL colour, or wrapped in the durable, market-leading fabrics from the following Camira ranges;

Other fabrics are available on request. Feel free to contact us for a sample.

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